Become a Brand Ambassador!

 How it works! 

Each ambassador that is selected is given a custom code to use when promoting Redline 4x4. This code will give the person using it 5% off of their purchase on our site. Each time your unique code is used to make a purchase at you earn CASH and DISCOUNTS! This starts from the VERY FIRST ORDER! Each time your code is used you will also progress toward the next tier level which earns you a greater reward!!

From time to time, brand ambassadors may receive free merch, shoutouts on social media, invitations to events, and other perks that are only available to Redline 4x4 brand ambassadors in addition to the Tier rewards outlined below.

Tier levels explained: 

Tier 1: You receive 10% of the net margin* on the order after the customer discount has been applied each time your code is used.

Tier 2: You receive 15%** of the net margin on orders 11-20 +You can purchase any single item on our site for 10% off. Minimum qualifications apply.

Tier 3: You can purchase any (1) item from our store at dealer cost!*** +You receive 15% off of the net margin on orders 21-30. Minimum qualifications apply.

The "Fine Print" 

*Maximum cash value $599.99 per year to be paid via Zelle, or wire transfer. Net margin calculated by transaction total value minus cost of product, shipping, and processing fees.

**Any applicable credit above and beyond $600 total per brand ambassador per year will be applied as a store credit which may be redeemed for products on

***Our cost for each item/brand varies. Contact our sales rep and they will get you a quote on the item you would like to purchase at cost.

All payments and store credits will be processed on a monthly basis during the first week of each month. 

Rolling totals will reset each year on January 1 at 12:01am. You will retain your tier level, and will again be eligible to receive up to $599.99 in cash for the year. Any benefit earned (discounts) will expire after 1 year of earning.

Personal brand ambassador discounts must be re-earned after being used 1 time each.
Brand ambassador codes may not be used by brand ambassadors to purchase products for personal use or resale.
Discount codes cannot be used in combination with other discount codes being offered by Redline 4x4. 
Code may not be posted on any discount/coupon code sites. Any instance of this will result in automatic disqualification from the brand ambassador program.

Minimum qualifications to move to tiers 2 and 3 apply and will be outlined if you are accepted into the program!